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Skillinger’s radical ‘4x4’ styling is designed to maximise its ability as an all-weather, all-purpose, multi-region explorer. The oversized, bumper-style rubbing strake provides muscular resistance to the rigours of real-world recreation; the ‘power-bulge bonnet’ helps increase internal volume; and the forward positioning of the bold, faceted superstructure enables the aft deck to accommodate the configurable pods that make Skillinger so uniquely practical.


Motive power comes from ultra-reliable Cummins 610 HP diesel engines hooked up to Rolls Royce FF-410 waterjets. Together with the two main and two remote helm positions, this user-friendly set-up enables enhanced access to shallow water, easier beaching, safer watersports and the simple execution of complex manoeuvres.


Skillinger is designed to be used with the utmost ease and confidence. In addition to clear, uncluttered walkways, its entire, single-level deck is orbited by elevated, rail-lined bulwarks. Oversized rubbing strakes operate as integrated fenders all-round and remote helms at both bow and stern enable easy, accurate docking and singlehanded man-overboard recovery.


Skillinger takes practicality to a new level. Its twin hulls enable first-class range, efficiency and space; its offshore pedigree ensures great comfort, safety and reliability; and its configurable pod system encompasses unmatched layout flexibility. With recreational choice as well as dependable function, this is practicality at its most rewarding.


Skillinger’s twin-hull configuration brings several advantages. In addition to extra deck space and internal volume, you get a smoother, more comfortable ride, greater running efficiency and a radically extended range. With enhanced stability at anchor, allied to first-rate manoeuvrability, easy beaching, better safety and improved access to shallow-water destinations, it is the perfect platform for a world-beating explorer vessel.


Skillinger’s twin tender garages are extremely versatile units. Capable of housing a pair of Williams jet RIBs on slide-out runners, they also provide stowage for watersports gear, alongside generous sunbathing pads on their upper surfaces. There is a useful option for sport fishing seats – and if your activities demand it, they can even operate as a supplementary fuel pod and secondary crew quarters.


Skillinger’s abilities have been perfected in the rigorous testing grounds of heavy offshore industry and its safety solutions reflect that. From twin hulls to jet propulsion, multiple helms, oversized rubbing strakes, secure walkways and redundancy in every operational system, unrivalled passenger security is the foremost priority.


While ease of access is guaranteed by the pivoting aft bathing platform and the starboard bulwark door, Skillinger’s forward balcony is entirely unique. With direct entry from the master suite, this alfresco zone can be employed as a private terrace and viewing platform - and with swinging gates and a telescopic ladder, it offers direct access to the water, beach or pontoon.


As a day boat, a cruiser and an explorer, Skillinger is the world’s most versatile leisure yacht. With its adaptable deck, its high-volume interior and its combination of freestanding furniture and customisable pods, it is the only yacht that can readily adapt to your region, your climate and your activities.


Skillinger’s customisable pods are designed to integrate seamlessly with the aft end of the superstructure. In addition to optimising the ratio between external deck and internal accommodation, this helps extend or reduce the upper sun and observation deck. Whole or half-pods are available in a variety of task-specific configurations, so you can tailor your yacht to different seasons, locations and pursuits.


While most explorer yachts lack external space, Skillinger’s decks are as versatile as they are generous. In addition to a unique forward balcony, the 95 square-metre aft deck features a pair of adaptable tender garages, a movable barbecue and bar and a selection of configurable pods that can be used to increase the scale of the upper sun terrace.


Skillinger’s high-volume, full-beam superstructure is every bit as pioneering as its vast external deck. The broad, elevated, open-plan interior zones are spectacularly optimised with modern automotive materials, floor-to-ceiling windows, flexible fit-outs and a range of configurable pods. For scale and versatility, Skillinger is without equal.


Despite its manageable 18-metre length, its ability to sleep ten and its inclusion of a dedicated utility space, the value of Skillinger’s broad beam is at its most pronounced in the 27 square-metre master suite. Positioned in the forward part of the main deck, this full-width, open-plan zone incorporates integrated ensuite facilities, an expansive lounge and a private forward balcony with easy water access.


Skillinger’s interior is designed to emulate the living experience of a penthouse apartment. To that end, it replaces restrictive bulkheads with a series of open-plan zones, allied to full-height glazing and high-volume headroom. In addition to free-flowing natural light and a seamless transition from interior to exterior, the use of freestanding furniture also helps maximise layout flexibility.


Skillinger is not just a transatlantic explorer - it’s also a very talented recreational plaything. In addition to wide alfresco decks, flexible pods and impeccable styling, it offers unbeatable cruising comfort, extraordinary penthouse-inspired internals and a rare combination of bright, flowing spaces and enviable passenger privacy.


Skillinger puts comfort at the heart of the yachting experience. The cabins are positioned well away from the engines, minimising noise and vibration; the materials palette is a seductive blend of automotive-inspired woods and leathers; and the combination of bright, open-plan flexibility and intimate passenger privacy is usefully underpinned by free-flowing natural light and the soft, stable ride of Skillinger’s twin hulls.


Skillinger is a yacht for those who love taking the helm – and while its offshore handling, soft ride and twin-hull stability are ideal for serene sea passages, its innate expedition credentials are also backed up by a comfortable and intuitive helm station. Positioned right at the heart of the craft, it comes with commanding visibility, a raft of confidence-inspiring driver aids and impact-mitigation seats as standard. 


Skillinger’s interior is inspired by the brightness, freedom and elegance of a waterfront apartment. It replaces conventional cabins with free-flowing zones; it swaps compact portholes for full-height glazing; and it exchanges inert seat mouldings for freestanding furniture, enabling you to tailor your environment to your activity. With its natural light and cleanliness of decor, Skillinger is an object lesson in elegant living.


Skillinger is the world’s most flexible leisure yacht. The configurable superstructure enables the addition of bespoke pods to match the season, location and activity. And with equally versatile aft tender garages, utility spaces and sleeping options, Skillinger can operate as anything from a day boat to a fully-fledged transatlantic expedition yacht.


Skillinger is primed to meet the demands of the day. You can expand the interior volume by integrating a bespoke pod into the aft end of the superstructure; or you can store your pods ashore and enjoy extra deck space for fair weather fun. With freestanding furniture instead of fixed mouldings, you can also redesign the decor and adapt your internal spaces, just as you would at home.


With its huge master suite, convertible crew quarters and expandable pod accommodation, Skillinger can comfortably sleep ten at anchor or eight offshore. Its flexible deck pods and aft tender garages can be reconfigured to provide either additional crew quarters or extra guest berths – and with a master suite that can also be employed as two separate doubles, the versatility of its berthing arrangements is first-rate.


At the core of the Skillinger arrangement, connecting the bridge, the cabins and the flexible aft living zone, is the all-important utility space. This full-beam lobby with day head can either integrate with the helm station and exterior pod to create a single open-plan zone; or it can operate as a practical work space for carrying out repairs, drying your gear and storing equipment.

Length overall

18.0 metres

Beam overall

6.8 metres


1.0 metres


30 tonnes


4 x Rolls-Royce FF-410 water jets

Maximum speed

30 knots

Cruising speed

20 knots


1800 - 4200 nautical miles


Advanced resin infusion


Bureau Veritas